The Source is a contemporary jewelry brand based in Copenhagen with sustainability and authenticity in focus. We believe in the importance of honest and ethical sourcing of materials, and the true importance and need for social responsibility and protecting our nature. We want to share this mindset and encourage people to demand a fair production where people and nature are being cherished.


We are inspired by the wonders of our nature and the findings of silver in its raw form. These rare findings are formed in unique wires that are curved and intertwined in miraculous shapes - all made by nature.


The Argentum Collection is bold yet timeless, and the sculptural pieces empower you to feel unique. The combination of retro silhouettes and an organic feel gives you designs that will last a lifetime. All of our jewelry are made from 100% responsibly sourced silver because doing something means everything.




Not all know that precious metals are limited natural resources; mined from areas where the impact on people and nature can be terrifying, if not handled responsibly.

Millions of people live off - and depend on - this industry, and this is why we care.


We want to be a part of the positive impact of sustainable and responsible sourcing of precious metals. Therefore we only use materials from suppliers that are transparent enough to ensure that the workers have been treated fairly, are a part of social development, and with a high level of environmental protection, that will help to ensure the future of our people and nature.


We want to share a mindset and encourage to demand a production where people and nature are being cherished. The choices you make can affect the positive change in the industry, and you can contribute to a growing market of ethical consumers.